Scalawag Farm

Nigerian dwarf goat dairy & creamery.

Visit The Farm June-October

Farm Tours, Goat Dates, kiddo cuddles, and Goat Walks!

Meet The Scalawags

Why Nigerian Dwarf Goats?

We appreciate them for their loving companionship &
their sweet, high quality milk that’s high in butterfat!

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We’re a Small, sustainable Nigerian Dwarf Goat Dairy in central Maine, utilizing holistic and organic practices to nurture our animals and the community around us. We produce and bottle raw milk with plans to produce cheese in the near future, and we also welcome folks to come visit our farm, take a tour, and meet the goats! 


Open June-October

Each activity has a schedule with available time slots. They are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis.


How To Positively Impact The Farm

We sincerely appreciate all the support, love, and contributions from everybody. We’ve set up a way to help support us and make a positive impact on the goats directly and farm in general.

The Scalawag Farm contributor appreciation perk!

we celebrate contributions by giving you Access to secret goat profiles.

The Scalawag Farmers

Thank you for your support.

Farm Address

131 South Road

South China, ME 04358