We’re a Small, sustainable Nigerian Dwarf Goat Dairy located in the weeks mills neighborhood of china, Maine utilizing holistic and organic practices to nurture our animals and the community around us.

Land stewardship (Land stewardship is about our relationship to the land and the ethics behind the decisions we make in how we interact with the nature that surrounds us) & our humane rearing practices are what motivate us to supply our community with high quality raw Nigerian Dwarf goats milk from our goats and our goats only!

THOUGH WE ONLY FEED OUR GOATS ORGANIC GRAINS, MINERALS & LOCAL HAY FROM FIELDS THAT GET FERTILIZED WITH LOCAL MANURE, We are not certified organic DUE TO THE FACT we reserve the right to treat any animals if they fall ill & are in need of a more conventional intervention. we know each and every goat by name and what separates them from each other with their personal traits. our goats are much more than simply nutritious milk producers. They enrich our soils and souls.

We produce and bottle raw milk with plans to produce cheese & yogurt in the near future, and we also welcome folks to come visit our farm, take a tour, and meet the goats! 

if you are interested in becoming a wholesale customer please contact us via email, call or text.

Goat in a flower field


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