Alice is an og (original goat) from our first year on the farm in 2016 & the herds first alpha (herd leader) who has been with us since she was 4 months old. She has since retired from her duties as a milker & an alpha but still grazes along with her children, grand children, & soon to be great grandchildren in the pastures.

Thanks to your contributions we are able to keep our bossy yet loner type amongst the rest of the herd. She’s got one of the most impressive beards & the most unique horns on the farm on account of her not taking to the disbudding from her previous owner. one horn grew back as a nub and the other oddly curled. yet another reason why we don’t disbud here & another reason your contributions help us to keep up with such humane practices.



Bean is a total muffin. She came to us Last fall as our first disbudded adga (american dairy goat association) registered goat. We also purchased her daughter scooch (doeling).

Bean has excellent mothering skills & she loves her goatherds (Paul & trina). Cheek scratches are much appreciated! When she first came to the farm she seemed to want to stick around her goatherds more than the rest of the herd. Luckily she has since assimilated & loves grazing with her fellow goats.



BeyBey is our other og still with us. She is by far our best milker & a great mother. All her daughters seem to follow right in her footsteps. When she first arrived here she was a bit wild & quite submissive but has since found her place & is not shy in the least! honestly she’s quite loud & won’t hesitate to let you know she’s out of hay or wants fresh water. & wow does she love her grains!

Beybey was disbudded by her previous owner. her horns took to the process & never grew back. Lacking horns doesn’t hold her back the least bit though! She’ll go head to head with any goat here to ensure she gets more than enough grain. She’s very silly & very needy of affection. we love our beybey!



Aida is another one of our best milkers. She’s one of beybey’s first kids. No surprise that she’s an amazing mum & milker. Though you cannot tell from the picture aida has her horns. We never disbud any kids born here on the farm.

aida has a very strong personality. She’s not an alpha but she sure acts like a boss. She tends to be our alarm every October letting us know when it’s time to begin breeding. She always goes after what she wants but won’t hesitate to slow down for a nice cuddle.



cherry has a permanent smile on her face. She’s a true beauty & a very happy goat. She loves kids (goat kids) but sadly she cannot reproduce. Though she cannot generate any money for the farm we chose to keep her around due to our no-cull policy. She’s one of beybey’s kids & has always been here so we’ve decided to have her stay as a nanny/sitter to our weaning (no longer drinking off of mum) kids.

cherry is a special case as she is a freemartin. freemartins are rare & even more rare in goats. Cherry was born in the same sack as her twin brother george causing her to not fully develop reproductively. Though she appears female, her ovaries do not work. the science behind this is a bit more complex & this is a very simplified explanation. that being said, your donations go a long way to help us keep goats like cherry here on the farm to live out their lives.


More goat profiles coming soon!